S01E05 Astrological Aspects with Ryhan Butler

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S01E05 Astrological Aspects with Ryhan Butler

Astrologer Ryhan Butler joins me on the podcast for a discussion of raising cats aspects in astrology. Aspects are the angles that planets make across the sky, and they define the relationships between planets at any given moment. They have a long and fascinating history, so in our conversation Ryhan leads us through the story of aspects and how they came to be.

Our discussion covers ancient Greek optical theories and looks at competing concepts around the doctrine of aspects before we come back around into the philosophy of magic. One topic we discuss is the Thema Mundi, and here’s a picture of it, which you might need to look at during this episode!

The Thema Mundi

For more on this topic, check out Ryhan’s helpful Twitter thread here. (View the unrolled version here.)


And if you’re in Portland on Friday, September 13th, come to my very first live podcast recording!

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