Wyrm’s Addition with Alexx Bollen

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Wyrm's Addition with Alexx Bollen

Alexx Bollen returns to the podcast to talk about Wyrm’s Addition, a new comic book project he’s working on with Eric Millar of Outlet Press. The story takes place in an eponymous fictional Portland neighborhood based on a real neighborhood called Ladd’s Addition, which those familiar with Portland will undoubtedly recognize as that weird 45°-tilted neighborhood in inner Southeast. What’s up with that place? Well, Alexx and Reverend Erik discuss the weirdness of Ladd’s Addition and how it influenced the theme and plot of Wyrm’s Addition, and then go on to talk about how comic books and writing are a form of magic.

Ladd's Addition from Google Maps

Make sure to check out Alexx’s new comic book in the links below! There are both digital and physical copies available.

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