Upcoming Tarot Reading Events

It’s October, which means that Hallowe’en is here! Many of you have been wondering when I’ll be doing more Tarot readings, and the answer is this month. Pairings Portland has invited me to read Tarot at their wine shop two nights this month. I will be there on October 27th and October 31st. We are still working out the details, so be sure to check back soon for Facebook events and more information.

Here are some things I do know about the events right now.

  • I’ll have new Tarot decks that you haven’t seen before!
  • Readings will cost $10 and I’ll be accepting Bitcoin.
  • There will be lots of wine.
  • Costumes are encouraged!
  • I think if you bring your Hallowe’en candy in on the 31st, you can get Jeff to pair a wine to it.

Upcoming Events

[events_list scope=”2017-10-01,2017-11-01″]

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