S01E02 – Cartomancy and Sortilege with T. Susan Chang

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S01E02 - Cartomancy and Sortilege with T. Susan Chang

As the entire Internet already knows, T. Susan Chang has incredible oracular powers, so when I tell you that she’s here on the second episode of the fledgling Arnemancy Podcast, it’s probably a sign that we’re building great things. Susan is co-host of the incredible Fortune’s Wheelhouse podcast and the author of Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday Readers, released by Llewellyn at the end of 2018. She is a Tarot expert, and the kind of Tarot expert that an uncanny grasp on how the cards connect to each other and the complex web of correlations and associations that tie the cards into nearly every other aspect of Western occultism.

Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday ReadersWe dive into everything, from Agrippa to the Picatrix decans to planetary Tarot associations to Kabbalah to working magic with Tarot. We talk about psychology, divination, sortilege, and symbolism. When I invited Susan on the show, I promised that we could go full Tarot nerd, and we did. Full Tarot nerd.

Susan also answered listener questions, including a great explanation of The Devil card. We also get into sewing, and discuss my creation of a magical robe.

Buy Susan’s book and listen to her podcast. If you like Tarot, you will love her work.


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