S01E03 – Pico and Dick with Ted Hand

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S01E03 - Pico and Dick with Ted Hand

Teacher and independent scholar Ted Hand joins me in this episode for a deep dive into the angelology of Pico della Mirandola, followed by a crazy romp through the gnostic world of Philip K. Dick. It’s a dense episode, and (hold on to your hat!) it’s all connected! We follow Pico’s adventures through the Florentine Renaissance as he encounters translating superhero Marsilio Ficino, the mad monk Savonarola, and tragically doomed king Charles VIII, but our journey doesn’t stop there. In the late 20th century, our trip through gnosis and mysticism continues with PKD information that left me speechless! You’ll need your podcast safety glasses for this one, dear listeners.

As a bonus, we also discuss Ted’s upcoming Philip K. Dick Tarot!

Also, here’s where I was wrong: The Popes that Pico had to deal with are not Pius II and Alexander VII like I said, but instead Innocent VIII and Alexander VI. Who remembers their Popes? I’ll bet you don’t! Give me a break.


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